Foldable Children’s Furniture in

Foldable Children’s Furniture in
Foldable Children's Furniture in
Foldable Children’s Furniture in Little Italy is a small, family-run toy store in Long Beach that opens as a standalone shop in June. Over the past decade, the store has become a destination for kids and families, offering preschool, school, tutoring and other activities.

The company has not yet announced that its customers can order their own toys, but has said it will be adding free games to the marketplace, which features children’s toys.

Wonderman and her team at the shop also worked out a deal that will allow consumers to buy their own products at discount to cover the $50 commission. Each product will be 100% handmade by the artist.

The price for the toys will be $10 per toy, and will include two free sets of toys and one free hand toy (in the U.S.).

“We need something that’s free,” Wandner said. “This is not something we can go to one time and do it all over again.”

Wonderman also plans to have a regular weekly subscription to her show, A Little Princess by the Sea, which airs Thursdays at 6 p.m